Thursday, July 24, 2008

kodak moment

This is not the most perfect picture, but to me it is more than perfect. It captures the moments of laughter that my friends and I share when we travel for our "other" lives. I see this picture and I can't help but smile and thank God for giving me such wonderful friends that I truly love and care about, friends that I know care about me.
We have a group of ten of us and the last night at dinner we talked about our future...finishing high school, going to college, and getting married. We hoped that we would stay close friends during college and then we thought about going to each others weddings. It was borderline a very deep conversation, but then when we went for ice cream (above) it was nice to just live in the now and joke and laugh and just be teenagers without a care in the world. I love not knowing what the future will bring, but I also love hoping for what will come as we get older and grow together.
Do you have a photo that just makes you smile? Post a link if you like...I would love to see it.
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