Monday, March 29, 2010

spring break oh10

kick off ceremony
alex snuck this "artsy" pic at the gas station
she also took this self portrait

alex and i had a spring break kick off party on friday night. we lit color-drip candles like the lighting of the olympic torch. of course we blew them out cause we do not have a multimillion dollar torch mechanism to keep lit for the whole week, but on sunday before going back to school, we will ceremoniously light the candles and blow them out. we even discussed burying a time capsule of sorts...we'll see if that happens. we also watched the movie, new york i love you, and thought it was pretty good, but we are still partial to paris je taime. we decided a couple weeks ago that we would spend our spring break doing various things on our bucket lists/possibly do lists. some items include...paint, volunteer, mini road trip, go to the zoo, study (ummm yeah ok), and other exciting, adventurous things.
this morning we did each other's hair. we have been wanting to try beachy waves for a while since both of us have very straight hair. notice the beachyness in the pics above. a lot of hair spray was used. then we spent a good chunk of our time volunteering at the local nursing was fun and interesting. we walked around and visited with various patients. there was the complaining lady, the forgetful one, the out going one, the sensible one, the grouch, the 100 year old one, and really just a motley crew. i enjoyed spending time there and talking to the various patients. i tried to imagine what they were like when they were seniors in high school or what kinds of things they were interested in growing up. i liked looking through their photo albums full of black and white pictures. it was quite and eye opening experience and i look forward to going back again.
tomorrow alex and i shall tackle the zoo. lions, tigers, and bears oh my spring break oh10!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it is spring!

yes! warm weather, windows down, new music, bright colors, new's finally here.

i just discovered this site today and it is making me really happy.

i am planning fun things to do over spring break.
prom dress shopping on saturday.
bucket list making.

indian food date on friday night.

making ice cream cone later.

listening to phoenix.

trying to make beachy waves in my straight hair.

wearing my grandma's old jewelry. (seen above displayed in vintage ice cube trays)
happy spring! what are you loving right now?

Monday, March 15, 2010


my quilt was accepted as a finalist for the cloth paper scissors calendar contest. i'll find out if it wins in may, but for now i'm pretty excited!
ps please visit alex's blog. i'm really excited for her and feel inspired reading her lists.

Friday, March 12, 2010

go to the opera...check

so alex and i went on a field trip to the lyric opera house in chicago yesterday. hmmm, not quite sure what to say about it. it was definitely interesting and i can check it off my life list. i actually never had "go see an opera" on any of my lists, it just seems like one of those things one must experience in life. i enjoyed the first hour, then after that it was about and hour and a half too long of singing in italian. we had fun nonetheless listening to the boys behind us (notice in purposely posed photos) talk about how they "have given up on love" or how "she likes when her men wear black sweat pants" or how "we hit the clubs last weekend" (yeah right).

ps sorry for the terrible photography that doesn't do either of us justice and for my red eye fixer not being able to cover up alex's bionic eye in that one pic.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

march march march

it is march and i cannot believe it. i am so ready for spring. i spent my weekend spring cleaning and it felt so good. i cleared out 2.5 giant trash bags of clothes from my closet and reorganized my desk.

i also made a big march to do list and hope to cross things off throughout the month. i want to take one of my dogs for a walk in the morning before getting ready for school. i think it will help me start the day refreshed.

my friend alex just started a blog and i am really excited for her. we both share secret blog lives. please visit her blog and send her some blog love!

happy march!

Monday, March 1, 2010

maryland trip

we played in the studio
with chocolate

with crazy hats in a crazy fairy store
with old pirates

and a broadway play.
i spent four days with debra and her beautiful family in maryland. it was so much fun and they are so welcoming and great people to be around. we created and made truffles at a chocolate shop. we celebrated a birthday and went shopping. i stayed up so late each night, always trying to avoid the feeling that i would have to go to sleep as another day passed. the last day was a blur as my trip came to an end. i hope we all continue to be friends and keep in touch because i really enjoyed my time there. it's amazing how you meet people then don't see them for years, but can pick up right where you left off. it is also fun to live in a house with for boys when i'm used to being an only child. since coming home late last night i feel inspired and really lucky to have gotten the opportunity to spend time in maryland this past weekend.
today i am making lists, jamming to john mayer, and looking forward to spring. it's about time for some green grass and windows down driving....oh, and to bust out my new pair of orange sperrys.
happy monday! xo