Saturday, January 30, 2010

moment jar 1.29.10

tonight alex and i went out to an indian restaurant. she ordered one thing, and i another. we tried to become more cultured, then we watched the french film, paris je t'aime and contemplated the cute boys and short stories of love. i remember laughing until i cried and how she lives without caring what other people think and how she inspires me to just be myself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i like making cupcakes.


Monday, January 25, 2010

6 year old girl i babysit: Kayla? How do you sneeze? We had a substitute teacher at school and she sneezed funny then said it was ok for us to laugh. Then she said she is also a babysitter and it must be a babysitter thing. Can you sneeze for me?

me: (fake sneeze)

her: Wait, that's what hers sounded like too. It really must be a babysitter thing.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a fresh start

i love the new year and setting goals and creating new habits. i am working on not wishing my life in the now. i keep saying how much i wish college were here without realizing that this time in my life is what i should soak up the most. i'm at the point where i have freedom with little responsibility. graduation will come soon enough, so for now i will enjoy the now.

i'm also working on some challenge quilts that i'm very excited about. i'll share a lil sumptin sumptin soon!

happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hello 2010

well it's been quite the hiatus...i had a nice and quiet christmas break. visited california and watched lots of movies.
i'm really excited for this year. i will be graduating high school this spring and going off to college in the fall. i know how cliche it is, but it all went by so quickly. i've changed so much over the past three and a half years of high school. tonight i pulled out my drawer of scraps and mementos and discovered little notes and memos from so long ago. it brought back memories. then i took the pile and just started sewing all of the pages together without any plan or specific style. no tape or glue, just my machine.
i've posted pictures of the ornaments i made for our tree this year. with the help of my mom and dad, we completed 72. in november i decided our tree needed new ornaments so we went to work with stamps, fabric, and glitter. it looked great with the paper chains.
well, that's kinda it for now. i need to journal. oh and i was so inspired by this post by miss kara that i have started my own moments jar for 2010. then at the end of the year i can pull out all of my little moments and remember all the good times.