Saturday, May 30, 2009

happy accidents

I went to the movies tonight with a wonderful friend. we saw UP which was absolutely fabulous! it was cute, funny, heartwarming, sad, happy, and exciting all at the same time. my friend claimed it made her cry which hasn't happened since she saw Lilo and Stitch in theaters ages ago. the funniest part is that the little eight year old cartoon boy in the movie is the spitting image of my 26 year old history teacher. on friday, in class, a girl brought in a picture from the movie and we all made him pose like the little boy and laughed about how similar they were.

after the movie got out, we walked through the empty mall and stumbled upon a photo booth. once it was spotted we had to do it. we hopped in and then realized how many decisions we had to make in order to pick our final product. as we were picking out the header, we immediately eliminated "little angels", "naughty but nice", love script, and plain. i was clicking back and forth between two "friends" ones and "wanted: $1,000,000 reward" when i got a little click happy and accidentally clicked the giant OK button. we were unaware of which one we had selected and were laughing hysterically that we did not realize the first picture was already being taken. it was quite a hilarious moment and people walking outside of the booth were probably extremely confused by all of the commotion behind the black curtain. it was such a wonderful time and i shall cherish these pictures forever. we just about died when the pictures came out with "love" written in script across the top. it was worth all $3. then we sat on a bench in the empty mall and had some much needed girl talk. we have concluded that soccer boys are always the cutest ones and facebook purposely bombards your homepage with people's relationship statuses and corny little hearts.

i am feeling so happy about my life right now. everything is great and i am happy. (did i already say that?) i'm also happy to be single for the summer and not as facebook would classify, "in a relationship" followed by a corny little heart. i am looking forward to a jam packed summer and hanging out with some really amazing friends.

i spent most of my saturday purging and cleaning out all of my stuff. a trip to goodwill is in my near future. the trunk of my car will be FULL. it feels so good to get rid of the clutter...refreshing, if you will.

what are you all up to? i'm feeling the need to craft...ideas are flowing.

advice: bask in the greatness of happy accidents.

ps i only have three more finals left...and each one should be cake. then i am going to be a senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this year has gone by so fast. i can't even describe it so i won't. my high school experience if flashing before my eyes so i'm going to take the time and love every minute of it.

have a happy sunday!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

so i have these friends...

who are pretty much amazing. this is us in the honor guard ceremony at graduation sporting lovely red gowns.
who knew badminton could get dangerous when attending grad parties or kegs where actually full of kid-friendly root beer?

at the bowling alley with this cute girl.
yes i am friends with boys who like waltzing together in bowling alleys after singing along to kelly clarkson.
this weekend was fun...a better post coming soon.
happy memorial day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

new etsy listing!

i have listed a new item in the shop! check it out!


only 3 days left of school and 3 days of finals. yay for three day weekends, saying goodbye to the seniors and celebrating with parties, taking film pictures, beautiful weather, and friends...amazing/wonderful friends.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hee hee

obsessed with jamba juice. caribbean passion anyone?

this kid is awesome...people just don't realize. we are planning a venting day together.
she is one of the sweetest girls i know.
right now...i feel like i have the whole world in my hands. everything is going so well and i am really enjoying life and being me despite what others think.

typical...i don't think i could explain it to you.

right friends are amazing and i love every single one of them. i feel like i've made so many new friends this past year...people i would have never imagined i would become close with. i've learned that each person is unique and they all deserve a chance because you never know who you can connect with in some way.
  • today was pretty much amazzzzing. i had my AP chemistry test and now we are done in that class!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after the 3 and a half hours of boringness we went to class and our teacher took us on a little trip. we explored the unknown places in our school where only the AP chem students before us have ventured. today, we hit the roof and once we arrived cake, ice cream, and pop awaited us with open arms. it was quite an epic adventure and we all have to be very secretive about our trips from this point on until the end of the year. i've heard from an inside source we go to the basement and get to sign our names on the wall and finally see the secret tunnel that leads from the high school to the neighboring elementary school. i'm so excited. our days will consist of chemistry related movies, lighting things on fire, mini explosions, in school field trip, and making ice cream as a lab. i'm so pumped!
  • tomorrow i am touring the eight graders around the high school...prepping them for next year. i really want to make them all hold hands during a busy passing period and warn them that we wouldn't want to lose anyone from our group. i would really enjoy that! i plan on bringing them into one of my classes where the teacher said he could be lecturing and making it seem like the class is impossible. i'm so bad....don't worry i won't scare them all or embarrass them. i can only dream and scheme in my head because i remember when i was on that tour and how scared i was. especially when i saw huge football players in the hallway. funny how things change.
happy tuesday!!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

mr. hippo travels

so i made this little guy and sent him off to a second grade class in California whose mascot is a hippo. the other day i got the most wonderful happy mail...a thank you.

this book was full of pictures and letters from each student and every single one made my day! they are so cute!!!!!!!
then the teacher made me a little scrapbook with pictures of him around the is the best thank you ever!!!
and then there was a bunch of ribbon in the bottom of the box! yayness!! thank you!!

speaking in haikus

'nough said.

happy monday!

here is a haiku we made in gym's to be repeated in a solemn, serious tone with dramatized pauses:

throwing and catching,
running also, all around
softball, softball, yes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

urban love

my dad and i went to urban outfitters the other day and i walked out with nothing and he got this as a gag gift. i love everything there. here are some things i'm liking
this shirt in honor of my latest obsession with the band below.

this dress...

this vest paired with...

this dress...

and these sunglasses.

happy mothers day!

i love you mom!

great day

sitting up late...journal in hand on my window seat. pjs on. window open. music playing. reflecting, pondering, and wondering. feeling happy...truly happy and comfortable for the first time in a long time. everything is going with the flow...everything is in its place.
dreaming of a summer party that needs a special name. i see paper lanterns and stands of lights in the backyard, an amazing play list, board games, good food, backyard games, a bubble machine, and wonderful friends. i see smiling faces, hugs, and laughs...lots of laughs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

love is all you need

love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love.

happy friday my lovelies!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

oh my yes

just a quick post...
  • i took the AP english test today...three essays in two hours=not fun
  • hall wandering after the AP test with two buds=fun
  • leaving cupcakes to cure sickness on door steps=exciting
  • then there is this one boy=me smiling
  • lots of homework to do
  • warm weather FINALLY!
  • mini golfing=trash talking
  • softball is my new favorite gym team is awesome. let's just say we aren't the best, but we make cheers with phrases including team, ok, alright, softball, llabtfos, and friendship. EXAMPLE: hands on 4, softball on 5, softball on 6, softball on 7, and friendship on 13 then we all raise our hands and spin out one by one in a clockwise motion and shout "oh my yes" after running through the count. (i know...complicated, right? i suggest you all try it's pretty awesome)
  • playing red rover in the hallway through groups of friends walking in a row=dangerous at times, but completely worth it
  • listening to the ting tings like super crazy...downloaded two new ring tones!
  • study night at barnes and noble with literary terms...who knew some of those definitions would be as amusing as they were
  • sushi friday at my lunch table (me+three funny guys) tomorrow!!!
  • enjoying the various eating habits of the three boys at my table
  • being random and spontaneous and doing random acts of kindness
  • i wrote a rap for English...that was interesting

so yeah...random post full of nothingness.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

thank you

so these two lovely ladies blogged about me truly made my day to know my blog has some kind of impact and that everyone isn't completely bored by random stories about my life.

here and here.
happy tuesday!
p.s. i recently did a random act of kindness and today, via happy mail, that random kindness was returned...details later!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009


with the neighbor girls

my date and me

soooooo. i had prom last night and it was so much fun!!!!! i took the SAT in the morning then by 3 the festivities began with pictures. we headed to the school and watched the crowning of the prom royalty court. then we boarded the coach buses and headed to the museum of science and industry in downtown was amazzzzzing!!! the lights, the food, the exhibits, the music, and what's a high school dance without drama...or prama to be more prom specific. we danced the night away and all had a blast! oh and even better...the shoes i bought did NOT hurt at that is success.

we got back to the school at 12 midnight then had post prom festivities complete with inflatable fun, poker, bingo, raffles, ping pong, and lots of food until 3am. i played my share of texas hold 'em and by the end of the night was a high roller, cashing in my fake money for raffle tickets. i also won a few games of bingo which replenished my stash of jamba juice gift cards. i seriously thought i would just crash after the dance, but i got my second wind like none other. i had so much fun! oh and the puppy chow...great stuff right there.

overall, i had a wonderful prom experience and am kinda mad i failed to take any pictures while i was actually there.