Friday, June 26, 2009

peace. love. happiness. minus the peace

i made this mini series. the peace one is complete just haven't taken any pics. i wrote the different words on the background fabric in various languages. i brought these to a show in april and one lady commented and asked me, "how many languages do you know?!" i thought it was amusing since i used an iPhone app to look them all up. i hope to list some in the shop, but i am going to be selfish with the "love" one for now cause i love the green hedgehog and haven't been able to find another little guy like him. this was a great project to use up my button stash which i will no longer hoard.

i will definitely make more though cause i think they are really cute!

i am out of town for the tournament. what else is new? craft your hearts out for me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the shoot

my friend, claire, and i have been wanting to have a photo shoot so we finally had one. we envisioned bubble pictures and also vogue-like ones as inspired by these images. it was a lot of fun to put on a ton of make up cause normally that would just be weird. i think we have a couple more shoots in us for later this summer. she is so beautiful and i love how serious she looks in some of these images. also, who knew my glittery embossing powder for scrap booking could double as eye shimmer?! oh. my. yes. my dad let me use his canon rebel xt and it was pretty sweet, i'm not going to lie. i wish i had one...the pictures come out so clear and amazing. i had fun editing them on the computer and messing with the color tones, concentrations, and saturation. thanks dad!

these are just some of my faves...the rest can be seen here.

photo shoot sneaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more to come later...for now, have a happy wednesday!

last week

we wore cupcake rings
i saw star trek....and liked it. i'm not a nerd.

my team won the team spirit award for our awesome cheer at the team tennis tourney.
i was away from home for one long week. i went to camp and had a blast. check out the cheer below!
yesterday, i did a fun photo shoot with one of my friends...i can't wait to share pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

i have decided that mail is magic

{eye popping poppy nail polish=happy summer}

  • you write a little something on pretty paper

  • you put it in an envelope and put a sticker in the upper corner

  • then you slip it into a little box outside your house

  • and the paper travels across the country to someone else's little box

  • then they open it and smile and send little envelopes of happiness back or even do this

  • and then the other person (me) smiles and feels happy too

therefore, through the transitive property...mail is magic

(my mind at work ladies and gentlemen)

late night posting

here is a custom order i did for someone's first anniversary through my etsy shop. i'll have more to follow later including new "stuff" and stories about my travels.

Friday, June 12, 2009

her journal knew all her thoughts

i've been journalling and list-making lately. is it so wrong to make dumb girly lists?! i love the idea of writing in journals and filling them with thoughts, quotes, overheard conversations, events in my life, things my friends have said, lists, etc and being able to leave behind a box full of my journals to whoever would actually be interested. when i grow up or have a family i want something tangible that people could read and see the real me or what my life was like. i'm not sure if anyone would care too much i just like the idea.
i'm working on drafting my "possibly do this summer" list like last summer. so far some things i really want to do are fly kites, make bubbles, make confetti balloons, photoshoots with my friends (maybe like this), and send happy mail.
loving these etsy shops...
florabond, littlejardin, missrubysue, petalpushers3
happy friday! enjoy it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


sneaky peeky of what i've been making lately...i'm not quite sure what it is going to be yet, but time will tell.

happy saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i came home last night from an eleven year old's rock and roll themed birthday party and found this on my bed...
its so pretty and i love, love, love it! it's the anthro dress i was pining for in this post...
thanks mom and dad!