Monday, August 31, 2009

happy monday...happy mail!

thank you miss kara!!!! i loved the little surprise in my mail box and i'm listening to the mix cds as i write this!!! love them! i hope you have a fabulous senior year as well! is it weird to say that i loved finally getting to see your handwriting in person?! it's quirky and beautiful! thank you!


Kara said...

:D you are so welcome!!

it makes me laugh that you had the patience to photograph it before you opened it! i get so excited when i get stuff in the mail, i immediately wrip the pretty packaging. haha.

happy senior year, baby! :D

amy lapi said...

aw. isn't she the sweetest? :) happy senior year.

danilouwho said...

I know, I always photograph the packaging after I've ripped it apart, lol. Must remember not to next time.

Kara's so sweet - this is lovely!

Jess said...

i love happy mail! and i loved the kitty paper you wrote on lol.