Sunday, October 18, 2009

it's fall and i'm getting that weird tingly feeling as the seasons change and it grows colder. i long for those beautiful fall days when it is perfect for a sweater and a short walk. i went out with some friends in our downtown area...old disposable cameras in hand just to document one fall day. today, i made apple crisp and apple sauce with apples we picked last weekend. the house smells of cinnimon and i can't wait to toast the pumpkin seeds. these traditions just make this season feel complete and i wonder what i'm going to do this time next year when i am away at college for the first time.
i am loving my friends right now and being a typical high schooler. i need to create...i haven't made anything for the longest time. i also need change...get rid of old habits and create new ones. this new season has inspired me to embrace change.
happy fall! go for a walk...soak it in.
(pictures taken by my dad)


Kara said...

i feel very much the same.

mmm. i want to go pumpkin patching!

danilouwho said...

I love this whole post.