Friday, June 25, 2010

three things

the lovely miss kara tagged me. i am currently working on her latest online class, the summer of love, and it is so inspiring. she can always inspire me to create when i'm in a creative drought. can't wait to share!

Three Names I Go By:

Fuj or Fuji. People always compliment my last name. I get a lot of "oh like Fujifilm" and "isn't there water named after you? you should drink it" to which i respond, "no, that is FIJI water."

Kay Kay. One of my good friends calls me this. She's my clairey poo and i'm her kay mature...really, i know.

A combo of the two: KFuj. I also get Kahla, Fudge, and hello moto.

Three Places I Have Been:

Southern California. I was born there, but have lived in IL for most of my life. I will always be a California girl (or gurl if you're into the whole katy perry thing). It's a place I look forward to visiting every year and driving with the windows down along the coast.

Japan. Ok so maybe i was just a newborn and only lived there for a year, but i will always embrace my asian-ness. my mom is irish and white as can be. my dad is japanese american, but grew up and lived in cali through college. my mom went there for business and my dad followed. he took japanese lessons and she spoke it fluently...funny right? i'd like to think i'll go visit now that i am older, but i don't know how i feel about that long flight.

Dairy Queen. yes, it is noteworthy.

Three Favorite Drinks:

chocolate soy milk mixed with almond milk. my favorite post workout drink or for dessert after dinner.

hot chocolate. i am such a sucker for hot chocolate in the winter.

pomegranats peach italian soda. i get it from a small local cafe. it's pretty much summer in a plastic cup with a straw of course. straws make the whole experience.

Three TV Shows I Watch:

Glee. Religiously. if i miss the first two minutes i cannot go on and must watch it when it gets put online the next day. i also cannot have any distractions or things get ugly.

ok so i'm just going to throw these guilty pleasures all together. read them really fast and stop judging me through your computer screen. gossip girl, 90210, and make it or break it.

Three Places I Want to Visit:


Three Places I Have Lived:

California. Japan. Illinois.

Three Favorite Dishes:

spicy Indian food. two of my friends and i make frequent indian food runs. we've established the title of "regulars" and yes, we have a "usual."

blueberry oatmeal pancakes.

pad thai.

Three Things I am Looking Forward to:

going to college in the fall.

the lamp-themed birthday party tonight.

day tripping to the dunes.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's great to learn a few new things about you. I love pad thai, hot chocolate, and Glee, too. Great choices all. Have fun at your party.

Pearl said...

come visit me baby sis!

we'll be california girls (or gurls) together.