Friday, September 12, 2008

the happenings of third hour study hall

(these pictures are super old, but I just got the disposable camera developed. i love my pups. the third guy is not pictured....he acts more like a cat and stays away from the water.)

{written on notebook paper in my study hall today. room C154. 10:22 am. 3rd hour. mrs. buttle}

Hello everyone. Happy FRIDAY!!!!!! I am in such a good mood right now it is not even funny. I have some really really really big/amazing news, but I don't think I can say anything now. It is borderline bigger than my grandma's Buick news...just kidding, my grandma doesn't even have a Buick, but I just like saying that anyway. So yeah, I have big news, but I am not going to tell you about it right now...sorry. I will sometime. Hopefully soon. Ugh, it is sooooo cool though.

So Mrs. Buttle is sitting at her desk tallying up ALL the homecoming king and queen nominations. Looks like so much fun. Everyone is pretty antsy because it is Friday. Let me just say that it seems like this study hall is lacking the study part right now. haha. My friend is drawing a picture and making weird faces at me from across the room.

Okay, that last paragraph was really unnecessary and you could all care less, but you know what? It's Friday and I am sooooooooo excited right now that I cannot contain myself. Oh and I just found out I aced my AP English in-class essay from Wednesday! Woot woot!

The bell is about to ring. History next hour....what a joy. Have a good weekend! I hope it's a crafty one!

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katie said...

you should tell me. I can keep a secret. And anyway, I hate surprises. ;)