Sunday, September 14, 2008

need more time

I can not believe this weekend is already over. Major bummer, but all good things have an end. I made some stuff. That was fun. One of the girls I babysit turned six. She is hilarious. I made her a little quiltlet with a picture from this summer when we all ate popsicles together.
It makes me feel like I am growing up too. She wasn't even born when I started babysitting her older sisters. It's funny to think about. I know I am not old, but I went out to dinner with friends on Friday to celebrate one of their 17th birthdays and an older girl said she cried when she turned 17 because she felt so old. I thought it was weird, but she said it was because she realized that she only had three more years left as a teenager. I don't know how I will feel when I hit 17, but I don't think it will be too depressing. haha.
I made these pages for a mini for my collection of fortunes. I sandwiched pages from the Ikea catalog with pages from Anthropologie catalogs. It is not done yet, but another one of those "in progress" projects.
I listened to the "J" block of my iPod this weekend. I realized that a lot of the "J" guys have a similar soothing sound. All around good music I would say.
  • James Morrison
  • Jon McLaughlin
  • Jon Foreman
  • Jack Johnson
  • John Mayer
  • James Blunt
  • Josh Kelley

Anyways, start of this week fresh and think of all the possibilities.

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katie said...

how many fortunes do you have?!

do you just have a giant box full of extras from fortune cookie factories? or do you really eat that many fortune cookies?

ps-those mini pages look super cute!