Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year.

2009. so 2008...what can i say? it was good, but there is something about my odd years that are just always better. i am excited for this year and cannot wait to see what it holds for me. this year i became more me. i made more friends. i met a boy. i pursued art quilting. i started a blog. i opened an etsy shop. i had a quilt in the international quilt festival. i was published twice. i started scrapping and wrote in my journal on a regular basis (love it). i wore dresses. i shared my feelings. i went to las vegas for the first time. i went to my first concert. i walked on the beach. i did random acts of kindness. i turned 17. i got my wisdom teeth out. i shopped at anthro. i got a holga. i surrounded myself with the people i love. i had a blast. and i took lots of pictures. it was a good year. i also found Him.
now if you will excuse me i must go cheer on my USC trojans in the rose bowl. awwww yeah.
p.s. i want to make a time capsule this year. does anyone want to join in on the fun?

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smorgan said...

Happy New Year Kayla!
Keep your arts alive and growing..
I have always been fond of them all...