Friday, February 19, 2010

it's friday (insert deep sigh of relief here)


i need to refresh and start new. i can feel a fresh start. we've been going through some very tough times with my family, but i can feel it turning around.

i played hookey on tuesday and my mom and i went shopping at nordstroms. it was a lot of fun and a nice break. i got my first pair of skinny jeans...make that three! love them. i also got a pair of bright orange sperry topsides!

this weekend i am going to clean my is in desperate need. my closet too! just some spring cleaning.

i also want to work on art this weekend.

i can feel spring...i need spring. it is finally sunny here for the past two days and i have driven home from school with the windows down. ok, maybe it is only 38 outside, but i'm in denial and thinking spring is just around the corner.

i'm excited for tonight. alex is coming over and she, my mom, and i are making homemade pizzas. yesss. i have started wanting to bake or cook every now and then.

oh, and one more thing. is it weird that i like cleaning? loud music and the vac just fit perfectly into my friday nights. love it.

tgif. enjoy it!


Jess said...

have been thinking and praying for you. glad to hear that you feel a change coming. that is always a great reassuring feeling! sounds like you and your momma had a great time and i think i might introduce this idea to mine! haha oh i love skinny jeans! so cutee!!! if you make art be sure to share it with us! cant wait to see!

Alex said...

Kayla + Alex = BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE :)