Friday, March 12, 2010

go to the opera...check

so alex and i went on a field trip to the lyric opera house in chicago yesterday. hmmm, not quite sure what to say about it. it was definitely interesting and i can check it off my life list. i actually never had "go see an opera" on any of my lists, it just seems like one of those things one must experience in life. i enjoyed the first hour, then after that it was about and hour and a half too long of singing in italian. we had fun nonetheless listening to the boys behind us (notice in purposely posed photos) talk about how they "have given up on love" or how "she likes when her men wear black sweat pants" or how "we hit the clubs last weekend" (yeah right).

ps sorry for the terrible photography that doesn't do either of us justice and for my red eye fixer not being able to cover up alex's bionic eye in that one pic.


Living the Examined Life said...

um... those pics o boy. the top one is ok but the rest... lets just not put those on fb thanks :)
lol but ya super fun. i will also have to blog about my opera experience!!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I got such a laugh out of this post. Especially the length of the opera and Alex's bionic eye. I had fun seeing the opera house, too.

amy lapi said...

cracking up.. what were those boys doing there anyway? ha