Sunday, March 7, 2010

march march march

it is march and i cannot believe it. i am so ready for spring. i spent my weekend spring cleaning and it felt so good. i cleared out 2.5 giant trash bags of clothes from my closet and reorganized my desk.

i also made a big march to do list and hope to cross things off throughout the month. i want to take one of my dogs for a walk in the morning before getting ready for school. i think it will help me start the day refreshed.

my friend alex just started a blog and i am really excited for her. we both share secret blog lives. please visit her blog and send her some blog love!

happy march!


Living the Examined Life said...

ok so i just started "following" you! and this came up and made my dddaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! also whats on ur march list?? deets please!

Living the Examined Life said...

so basically u bring a tear to my eye. Legit. you are like the nicest person ever. seriously... y r u friends with me???