Sunday, July 4, 2010

sunrise tea party (muchas fotos!)

after seeing the marie antoinette movie last year, alex and i decided we would wake up super early and watch the sunrise to recreate the beautiful scene in the movie. a few days ago she picked me up at 4:30am for our sunrise tea party. we wore dresses and flowers in our hair and headed to the japanese gardens near our houses. it was dark outside and the full moon from the night before was still lingering in the sky. we walked with the picnic basket and blankets and set up our tea party: lit candles, put out the table cloth, and listened to the marie antoinette soundtrack on my ipod speakers.

i brought my 5 piece silver tea set that i pulled out of the box that morning. it was a tea set i had begged my mom to buy me when i was 8 and i never opened it. i never thought at 18 it would be the day. alex poured the passion peach tea which we sipped out of our favorite mugs and set out mini brownies and raspberries. the sun started to rise and some runners passed us sitting there having a tea party at 5am...awkward! it was such a thrilling experience. we sat and told our secrets of summer and plans for the fall. we talked about boys and music and ice cream. it was perfect.

one the sun had risen we walked out toward the river where a smokey fog had begun to cover the water. it was beautiful and we danced around taking pictures. again more runners passed and we laughed so much.

later we hopped the fence to the japanese gardens and took pictures on the bridges and in the little houses completely ignoring the "call for reservations for photography use" sign. we looked ridiculous with the self timer setting it then running back and forth to see if our pictures came out. it was so much fun and we were done by 8am feeling refreshed for the rest of the day.

a sunrise tea party is definitely happening again.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This looks like you had so much fun. I see you are taking advantage of the summer to prepare for college.

amy lapi said...

i am SO in love with these. these photos are amazing, you both are beautiful, & i love the tea party story :) i want to be 18 again.

Halle said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you girls had a fantastic time!!!

Samantha said...

1. your dress is amazing!
2. you are my hero for having this teaparty
3. can I come to the next one

so magical... and I love the photos... so inspired right now! WOW

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, how delightful. what a fantastic idea.
I remember.. on the actual day of my 18th bday, I woke Neil up at 4:30, and we sat on the balcony, drinking hot chocolate (yep, in the summer time!) and it was such a lovely morning.

I'm going to have to steal your idea though -- love love love these images!

Terri said...

Lovely inspiring post! I am 51 (not 15), but I think I may invite my BFF to have a early morning tea party in the park with me!
Fab idea!

p.s. a month or so ago I was standing in Marie Antoinette's bedroom OMG!!!