Thursday, July 15, 2010

thank you

thanks to Elizabeth! She has been a dear cyber friend of mine and really encouraged me to explore the world of altered art and mixed media over two years ago. She sent me a beautiful sewn journal in my favorite color as a graduation gift. It was truly a wonderful surprise and I will cherish it forever. All the the hard work that went into it is amazing and handmade gifts are always the best kind of gifts. Each page is unique and the colors and words are bright and inspiring!

She also remembered I collected all of my fortune cookie fortunes in a jar and slipped a cute little fortune notebook inside the journal! SWOON! LOVE IT!

She also did a shout out to my blog this sweet! You can find it here.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Why is it these pages look so much better when YOU photograph them?

It was definitely my pleasure to make this for you. Even as I was making it, I realized how really "childlike" and amateurish my sewing is. I know you are the master seamstress and was simply giddy with delight that you liked my humble offering. Thanks so much for your wonderful words.

Anonymous said...

wow - this is really lovely!

The Reading Bear said...

What a gorgeous gift! I never thought to date and remember my fortune's. WHAT A GREAT HOBBY! :D