Monday, February 9, 2009

happy monday times ten

{this is mr typewritter...stolen from my dad. who knew we would come this far?}

so today is like happy monday on steroids. i don't know what it is, but i'm feeling happy monday like none other. i laughed so hard i cried THREE times today at school in a one hour period..craziness. i also bowled a whopping 134 in gym which was awesome.

my friends and i were contemplating different interjections that you can reverse the order and it was just overall crazy. for example: awwwwww yeah. that doesn't really reverse well, but "hey whoa" makes a great "whoa hey". completely irrelevant, but seriously hilarious. (i am easily amused?)

the mail was good too. i got my super cute giveaway prize from the amazzzzing jamaica edgell! i love it and can't wait to make a little mini. I also got my little postcard saying that quilting arts received my rock on quilt challenge piece of elvis! yay!

i think you should check out these cuties, sign up for this, and do this.

i am eating these Parmesan, garlic, and herb pita chips right now from trader joe's and they are awesome!!! i so want to go make some little valentines, but have to read 24 chapters of Wuthering Heights for dreading it. i am also working on the new taif prompt and loving it. can't wait to share!! oh an i drove home from school with the windows down. yes they were down...and it was refreshing.


Pearl said...

omgosh! a typewriter? that's so cool! i used to have a really really old one, too, from my parents.. but i don't know where it went.

danilouwho said...

yeah, this sounds like a pretty awesome monday to me. I'm a little jealous!!

sarah said...

love the typewriter!

and good luck reading wuthering heights. i actually like that book! =) it's pretty interesting.


Kara said...

ah! i am just so excited that you are taking my class! Wooohoo!

yay for good mondays!