Friday, February 20, 2009

my life story box

bottom of my box, originally uploaded by kaylaf.

here is the bottom of my box for kara's class. you can see more pictures on my flickr page! the box is from anthropologie and i stitched the cover of it with my sewing machine.

i am really excited about this class! all of the prompts are awesome and i feel extremely inspired. it may have something to do with the fact that kara is also a teenager so i can easily relate to her teen ways. i am hoping to catch up and work on some prompts this weekend!

today is friday and it is GREAT! i also wore a cute outfit so it made it that much better. (am i allowed to say my own outfit was cute?) haha. it was a preppy pinstripe jacket with this white shirty thing. sounds great right? maybe if i could explain it better.

anyways...happy friday everyone!!!


Kara said...

yes. you are allowed to say your own outfit is cute. i do it all the time.

loooove your box. i'm glad you're enjoying the class! :D

Melissa Walker said...

this is totally inspiring!