Sunday, April 26, 2009

100th post...randomness

so i am in california right now for a tennis tournament. so far so good.

my dad and i have been listening to the ting tings like crazy and i have their songs stuck in my head. it really all sounds like a bunch of nonsense out loud.

we went out to the cheesecake factory and we got a giant slice of carrot cake to go, but on the way out linda's fudge cake caught our eye so we got a giant slice of that too. sugar coma? i think yes.

after dinner we went to urban that store and everything in it! my dad enjoys the random kitschy stuff and i swoon over the dresses and such.

i have prom this weekend. wow...there was a lot of drama around that.
spark notes version: one me...three boys...and me not even planning on going.
result: me going. i'll make the best of it.

crafty status: not much going on really. i have some new "stuff" to share and need some advice when the time comes. i used lots of buttons!

anyways...yeah that was a really boring post. my apologies. and it was pictureless too...wooow. i owe you all one.

also wanting to send some happy mail to some wonderful people.

happy sunday and make it a happy monday! no school for me. yay!

peace out.



Pearl said...

:O 3 boys? ooh kayla! hehe
where in california are you?

debra said...

Send me pictures of your prom! I bet you will look beautiful!
I am getting ready for market in Pittsburgh - getting nervous!