Thursday, April 16, 2009

today was one of those days

1. Sanctuary 02 art collage jan 09, 2. @ 26..., 3. Untitled, 4. kodak browine, 5. {yellow makes it all a little better}, 6. I don't want diamond subursts or marble halls. I just want you., 7. This was beautiful to me., 8. Hey *Hambly*, 9. sneak

where i can't help, but smile and be thankful for the friends i have and also keep a running total of how many times i laughed so hard i cried.
come see me at the international quilt festival chicago tomorrow in rosemont!


Genevieve said...

Oh my, my layout is in there, how sweet! :) Have a great weekend and have fun at the Quilt Festival!

Pearl said...

have a great time at the festival!