Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lots and lots of SNOW

so yeah, tons of snow... a lot. like really wicked snow.
above is the gift i made for my friend's birthday. i reused the pink tulle from the wrapping from one of my own birthday gifts. i am so green. like literally. today i wore my green shirt with a giant peace sign on it. i think i am borderline tree hugger today. anyways, i really liked how it turned out. it is like 6x6.5ish. i'm not really sure. i am so opposite of my mom when it comes to making stuff. she has to have a template for EVERYTHING to the point where it becomes time consuming and i wouldn't even want to make the craft anymore. it's pretty funny. i will always tell her, "mom let me just free hand draw it for you. you know? free hand? do you need me to explain what that means?" one thing i do know is that our differences just make us a better pair.
i am off to make something. my creative edge has taken over my brain. hot chocolate maybe...'tis the season.
btw, check out the new TAIF prompt. i never got to the last one, but i think i may have to participate in this one. i am seeing my free people catalog somewhere in the picture.


smorgan said...

I got the giveaway yesterday.
BIG thanks!
The gift looks great.

ROCK ON anyways.

Pearl said...

lotsa snowwwww! the gift looks great :)
puppies are cute!

jess said...

the gift is fantastic..im sure ur fren will like it...