Thursday, December 18, 2008


{the christmas card pic}

i wrapped some presents last night while listening to christmas music...i go all nostalgic like that. i think i like wrapping the presents the best.
i am banking on a snow day tomorrow. the ice storm is supposed to be heading in with 6-10 inches of snow tonight. now that's what i call a snow day. now i am going to snuggle in and watch the grinch because basically that and elf are my favorite holiday movies EVER!


Kara said...

I'll cross my fingers for a snow day for you. :D


I love reading your blog. I feel like... we're a lot a like.

And. It's inspiring.

Just thought you should know.

Pearl said...

you are gorgeous :)

Kate said...

I love wrapping presents the best too!! I cant wait to finally get home to NY (who knows when that will be cause we are getting hit with the ice storm here in Ohio) and wrap all the presents I had to buy online :) Hopefully you get that day off today!