Sunday, December 14, 2008


i got my wisdom teeth out on thursday....boy was that a fun experience. my surgery took three hours instead of one. i am so special. my days have consisted of wrapping numerous bags of frozen peas on my face and eating jamba juice and oreo shakes from potbelly's. (now that part isn't bad) my face resembles that of a chipmunk preparing for winter is kinda funny. i went to the dance last night despite my cheeks and still had a pretty decent time. must have been the pain killers. i finally ate some real food today after my dad put it through the blender. things are looking up.
i made a gift for a friend last week...i really like it and will post pics soon. i am in the wrapping mood, but haven't done anything. catching up on school work all day...exciting.

the tree is up in our house. i love the holidays.


smorgan said...

Feel better soon. =]

Pearl said...

ooh i hope you feel better! did you get sick after getting them removed? i think i accidentally swallowed some blood, because i ended up getting sick after my surgery. yuck.

sorry, that image probably wasn't needed, either.