Monday, June 1, 2009

*super* happy monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(this is how i feel right now...this video is from a recent grad party where we hit up the moon bounce and got yelled at by the little kids because apparently, big kids were not allowed)

i had two finals today and only ONE more left tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever since i got home i've been kinda off the walls!! can i get an "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" like a little school girl?! the drive home was awesome...just like one of those "wow this is great/oh my yes" kind of down and katy perry blasting. it was quite awesome.

i walked in the door and opened the doors, then blasted some music on my ipod and went crazy singing and such. then i got the urge to clean so i whipped out the vac and just vacuumed the entire first floor. i also told my parents via text message that i would cook dinner, but then i thought, "what do i even know how to cook?" so there's a mini dilemma, but i'll figure it out.

have a happy monday!!!

i'm going to go continue my happy school girl antics around the house...hopefully get crafty before my craze wears off.

ps the new anthro catalog came today and it's wonderful and i want this dress, but i wish it was on sale!

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danilouwho said...

So what did you make for dinner?
This post is so cute!!