Monday, June 22, 2009

i have decided that mail is magic

{eye popping poppy nail polish=happy summer}

  • you write a little something on pretty paper

  • you put it in an envelope and put a sticker in the upper corner

  • then you slip it into a little box outside your house

  • and the paper travels across the country to someone else's little box

  • then they open it and smile and send little envelopes of happiness back or even do this

  • and then the other person (me) smiles and feels happy too

therefore, through the transitive property...mail is magic

(my mind at work ladies and gentlemen)


smorgan said...

It indeed is magical. When you sent me your mag giveaway last year, I was happy. =)

Kara said...

mmmm. magical is right. :D

thank you again.

amy lapi said...


danilouwho said...

mail is magic. and so are you.
thank you btw.

I'm going to be a better person someday soon and send you some love you sweet girl.