Monday, July 6, 2009

FINALLY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

(combating my funk)
thank had been too long. i feel so much better being back. i went for a drive in my car to the down of course, then drove around our little downtown to really let the "yay...(sigh) i am home and it feels so good" feeling to soak in. we had a 12 hour ride home today from Georgia and by the time we pulled into the driveway, we just kinda sat there for about ten minutes before unloading the car. i'm feeling extremely inspired right now and i am itching to create. i made some stuff while i was away...the two paintings above and the journal page.

this week i hope to
  • get good sleep and wake up early feeling refreshed
  • make art daily
  • list new etsy stuff
  • have a venting day with peter
  • noodles and company with justin
  • photo shoot with jamie and claire
  • make something for kelsey's birthday
  • have a clean and organized room
  • blog daily
  • regroup and get ready for the rest of my summer tennis tournaments

for now i will unpack and make lists for my week home before i leave again.

happy monday!

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Jess said...

ooh i love the paintings! and the journal, so true!