Monday, July 6, 2009

text convo with griff: proof i have been reading too much georgia nicolson

me: i'm in the car on the way home from georgia smarty

griff: i know

me: quit your nervy spaz and get your nippy noodles together. i don't have time for this nonsense chuddie.

griff: holy crap

me: pardon me but i have no time for droopy mates aboard their huffmobile using sour lingo.

griff: oh my words

me: oh my blimey fandango.

griff: i like that

me: well aren't you just a fuss and a half to please? so full of tensionosity.

griff: wow. that last one is great.

me: you just like when i am babbling wubbish like a monk in a monkhouse with a hint of confusiosity.

griff: Mhmm

me: adios. don't get your undercrackers in a bunch.

griff: lol. i'll try.

as posted here.
find georgia in all her marrviness here to understand what i'm rambling about.


Kara said...


Excuse me while I pee my pants, haha.

Your tumblr layout is sexy. There. I said it.

Pearl said...

hahaha. i love the undercrackers term!

danilouwho said...

oh man, georgia is my hero. I've been reading all those books over and over since I was your age. I always read them when I need a good laugh.