Friday, July 3, 2009

i was in a funk

about a stupid boy.

i'm in Georgia for a tennis tournament and was in a major funk this morning so my dad and i made a trip to Michael's and once i had some paint and markers in my hands i was already feeling better. it's funny how art and the urge to create gives you energy and makes you happy. i'm glad for it...i was feeling so dead today.

anyone feel the same?


Pearl said...

awww. i want to hear about this boy. you can always call me or text me, ya hear? sister is always here for you.

Kara said...

dude. understand to the extreme.

most of my life for the last... 10 months? has been using art for a certain boy induced funk. yeah. kinda sucks. but, the art is pretty! :)

Jess said...

i hear ya.
silly boys lol they make us do crazy things...but thats ok cause sometimes those "things"..^^ are as kara said pretty art!!
hope everything gets better for ya!

Holly said...

Yes, boys will put you in a funk. I have been married to one for eighteen years and he can still put me in a boy funk! Creating something almost always makes me feel better. The other thing that works (something my grandma taught me) is to find something to do for someone who has it worse off than I do. It helps me focus on all my blessings and it keeps me busy. Sometimes I combine the two and I create something for that person. Double Whammy!

Hope you feel better soon.