Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hee hee

obsessed with jamba juice. caribbean passion anyone?

this kid is awesome...people just don't realize. we are planning a venting day together.
she is one of the sweetest girls i know.
right now...i feel like i have the whole world in my hands. everything is going so well and i am really enjoying life and being me despite what others think.

typical...i don't think i could explain it to you.

right now...my friends are amazing and i love every single one of them. i feel like i've made so many new friends this past year...people i would have never imagined i would become close with. i've learned that each person is unique and they all deserve a chance because you never know who you can connect with in some way.
  • today was pretty much amazzzzing. i had my AP chemistry test and now we are done in that class!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after the 3 and a half hours of boringness we went to class and our teacher took us on a little trip. we explored the unknown places in our school where only the AP chem students before us have ventured. today, we hit the roof and once we arrived cake, ice cream, and pop awaited us with open arms. it was quite an epic adventure and we all have to be very secretive about our trips from this point on until the end of the year. i've heard from an inside source we go to the basement and get to sign our names on the wall and finally see the secret tunnel that leads from the high school to the neighboring elementary school. i'm so excited. our days will consist of chemistry related movies, lighting things on fire, mini explosions, in school field trip, and making ice cream as a lab. i'm so pumped!
  • tomorrow i am touring the eight graders around the high school...prepping them for next year. i really want to make them all hold hands during a busy passing period and warn them that we wouldn't want to lose anyone from our group. i would really enjoy that! i plan on bringing them into one of my classes where the teacher said he could be lecturing and making it seem like the class is impossible. i'm so bad....don't worry i won't scare them all or embarrass them. i can only dream and scheme in my head because i remember when i was on that tour and how scared i was. especially when i saw huge football players in the hallway. funny how things change.
happy tuesday!!!!!!!

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Pearl said...

YAAY on finishing ap chem test!