Friday, May 1, 2009

The international quilt festival in chicago a couple weekends ago was amazzzzzzing!
I met so many awesome artists...Kelli Perkins (pictured below), Judy Coats Perez, Debbie Crane, and Belinda Spiwak. I also spent time with the Quilting Arts crew...Pokey Bolton, Barbara Delaney, and Helen Gregory.
I also did a segment for Quilting Arts TV! It was super nerve racking, but I think it went pretty least I hope.
(during the taping with pokey)
I got a table to sit at with all of my stuff. It was fun having people come by and say they had read my articles in Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors. The encouragement was so great...knowing people like my stuff. Now if I had more time to make stuff. haha.
I had a wonderful time. Before I left, I took a mini workshop of art dolls with Debbie Crane. I made a "good girl" as she calls them because their legs are sewn together.

All in all it was awesome! It was such a great opportunity for me and I am so grateful.


Pearl said...

awww kayla you look great! i'm so glad you had a good time and met cool people! :)

Crazy Art Girl said...

You were so cute. You did great during QA. I have not even had time to blog about the Quilt Fest. I am busy with school and trying to write up articles. I am trying to do it this week. You look fab for prom. I can't even remember my prom. Congrats, chica.