Saturday, May 30, 2009

happy accidents

I went to the movies tonight with a wonderful friend. we saw UP which was absolutely fabulous! it was cute, funny, heartwarming, sad, happy, and exciting all at the same time. my friend claimed it made her cry which hasn't happened since she saw Lilo and Stitch in theaters ages ago. the funniest part is that the little eight year old cartoon boy in the movie is the spitting image of my 26 year old history teacher. on friday, in class, a girl brought in a picture from the movie and we all made him pose like the little boy and laughed about how similar they were.

after the movie got out, we walked through the empty mall and stumbled upon a photo booth. once it was spotted we had to do it. we hopped in and then realized how many decisions we had to make in order to pick our final product. as we were picking out the header, we immediately eliminated "little angels", "naughty but nice", love script, and plain. i was clicking back and forth between two "friends" ones and "wanted: $1,000,000 reward" when i got a little click happy and accidentally clicked the giant OK button. we were unaware of which one we had selected and were laughing hysterically that we did not realize the first picture was already being taken. it was quite a hilarious moment and people walking outside of the booth were probably extremely confused by all of the commotion behind the black curtain. it was such a wonderful time and i shall cherish these pictures forever. we just about died when the pictures came out with "love" written in script across the top. it was worth all $3. then we sat on a bench in the empty mall and had some much needed girl talk. we have concluded that soccer boys are always the cutest ones and facebook purposely bombards your homepage with people's relationship statuses and corny little hearts.

i am feeling so happy about my life right now. everything is great and i am happy. (did i already say that?) i'm also happy to be single for the summer and not as facebook would classify, "in a relationship" followed by a corny little heart. i am looking forward to a jam packed summer and hanging out with some really amazing friends.

i spent most of my saturday purging and cleaning out all of my stuff. a trip to goodwill is in my near future. the trunk of my car will be FULL. it feels so good to get rid of the clutter...refreshing, if you will.

what are you all up to? i'm feeling the need to craft...ideas are flowing.

advice: bask in the greatness of happy accidents.

ps i only have three more finals left...and each one should be cake. then i am going to be a senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this year has gone by so fast. i can't even describe it so i won't. my high school experience if flashing before my eyes so i'm going to take the time and love every minute of it.

have a happy sunday!!!!!!!!!


Pearl said...

you're going to have a wonderful time being a senior! i have facebook too!

amy lapi said...

why couldn't i find friends like you when i was in HS?

amy lapi said...

your comment made me smile :) are you goig to sisiversary?