Thursday, May 7, 2009

oh my yes

just a quick post...
  • i took the AP english test today...three essays in two hours=not fun
  • hall wandering after the AP test with two buds=fun
  • leaving cupcakes to cure sickness on door steps=exciting
  • then there is this one boy=me smiling
  • lots of homework to do
  • warm weather FINALLY!
  • mini golfing=trash talking
  • softball is my new favorite gym team is awesome. let's just say we aren't the best, but we make cheers with phrases including team, ok, alright, softball, llabtfos, and friendship. EXAMPLE: hands on 4, softball on 5, softball on 6, softball on 7, and friendship on 13 then we all raise our hands and spin out one by one in a clockwise motion and shout "oh my yes" after running through the count. (i know...complicated, right? i suggest you all try it's pretty awesome)
  • playing red rover in the hallway through groups of friends walking in a row=dangerous at times, but completely worth it
  • listening to the ting tings like super crazy...downloaded two new ring tones!
  • study night at barnes and noble with literary terms...who knew some of those definitions would be as amusing as they were
  • sushi friday at my lunch table (me+three funny guys) tomorrow!!!
  • enjoying the various eating habits of the three boys at my table
  • being random and spontaneous and doing random acts of kindness
  • i wrote a rap for English...that was interesting

so yeah...random post full of nothingness.


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Pearl said...

kayla - i would love to hear the rap and also more about that particular smile-inducing boy ;)