Sunday, May 3, 2009


with the neighbor girls

my date and me

soooooo. i had prom last night and it was so much fun!!!!! i took the SAT in the morning then by 3 the festivities began with pictures. we headed to the school and watched the crowning of the prom royalty court. then we boarded the coach buses and headed to the museum of science and industry in downtown was amazzzzzing!!! the lights, the food, the exhibits, the music, and what's a high school dance without drama...or prama to be more prom specific. we danced the night away and all had a blast! oh and even better...the shoes i bought did NOT hurt at that is success.

we got back to the school at 12 midnight then had post prom festivities complete with inflatable fun, poker, bingo, raffles, ping pong, and lots of food until 3am. i played my share of texas hold 'em and by the end of the night was a high roller, cashing in my fake money for raffle tickets. i also won a few games of bingo which replenished my stash of jamba juice gift cards. i seriously thought i would just crash after the dance, but i got my second wind like none other. i had so much fun! oh and the puppy chow...great stuff right there.

overall, i had a wonderful prom experience and am kinda mad i failed to take any pictures while i was actually there.

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Pearl said...

aww kayla i'm so glad you had a great time! you look GORGEOUS in your dress :)