Thursday, August 14, 2008

the air smelled like fruity lip smackers

not even joking. last night I was driving with the windows down when that distinct smell came over me. it was a cross between fruit punch and strawberry...not sure which, but it was there.
above are self portrait assignments for my art journal class with rachel denbow. the first one you were supposed to take a photo from above. i like how my new shoes look so tiny. the next one is taking a picture while spinning in a circle to get a blurred effect. fun if you keep the spinning sessions to a minimum. BTW...those sunglasses are from anthro and I love them!
yeah for thursdays! boo for school starting next week.

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Kate said...

cute cute pics!! thanks so much for the generous offer...I would love your little door if you are still offering :) I would love to send you an art journal and a print or something from my etsy!! Drop me an email with your address!!