Saturday, August 23, 2008

"I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too, Thursday I don't care about you, it's Friday I'm in love" --The Cure

So Friday was a good day. Let me rephrase...Friday was an absolute blast! I woke up, got ready for school, ate breakfast, then went to check my know the usual. Then I see this email about a new comment on my blog. It turns out that Kelly Rae Roberts purchased this quiltlet over on my etsy. I flipped out...literally. I mean the Kelly Rae bought my quiltlet. I ran downstairs yelling to my mom and dad, "Kelly Rae bought my quiltlet on etsy!!!! It is my first sale! WOOT!" Of course my dad says, "Who is that?" I reply, "Kelly Rae...the amazing painter who has her own book coming out this month. The Kelly Rae who posts her original paintings on etsy and within the hour they are gone. Yes dad, that is Kelly Rae and she wants my quilt." (you get the picture...I was off the wall. I walked to school with a skip in my step and I was wearing a really cute outfit so it made all the difference.)
The school day flew by and I had successfully survived my first half week back.
Then it was off to my first concert! Maroon 5, Counting Crows, and Sara Bareilles. It was so cool! Sara sang her Love Song.

I took pictures through the binoculars.

Maroon 5 "nailed it". (the words of Jack Black in The School of Rock.) Like really, they were killer and I sang so loud to every song.

Counting Crows were great too even though I really didn't know that many of their songs. I still had fun pretending that I did as I moved my lips and then yelled out on the long notes.

Friday was amazing. I loved it! It might have something to do with the fortune I got earlier in the week. I don't really remember the exact wording, but the main gist of it was good times are in the near future.

One more funny thing completely unrelated to my awesome Friday is tonight when I got in the car to go to Cooper's house this new song just came on the radio and then when I left some two and a half hours later it came on right as I got in the car to go home. I liked it too. It is called "Rise Above This" by Seether.

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Carmen said...

I'm almost 32 and I don't think I've had a Friday quite that awesome yet! Kelly Rae is my hero and I adore Maroon 5! You're a lucky girl!

Love your quiltlet by the way and now I'm off to check out your rockin' etsy shop!

Have a great week! Here's to many, many more fab Fridays!