Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tutorial # 8: What I did last summer (in photos)

first things new shoes.
page one for rachel's class. I cut out all the photos into squares and then framed them with various papers i collected over the summer: receipts, menus, food boxes, scrap paper, catalogs, mail, brochures, tickets, clothing tags, you name it.

page two.

page three. i think i have a slight obsession with sunglasses.

page four.

sorry about the flash in the center of each picture. i didn't have any natural light to work with at the time.

p.s. as i mentioned in the previous post about that one song...well it wasn't a coincidence. it seems as though that song is played every 15 minutes on the radio now a days because i think i heard like ten more times today.

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danilouwho said...

Sooo... I got the coolest, most lovely gift in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much girlie, I love that art quilt it's just amazing!! And the quote on the back as well, couldn't have come at a better time. You're a doll!

I took some pics and will post to my blog tomorrow, got them up on flickr tonight though!


Thank you!!!!