Tuesday, August 26, 2008

life is good.

today i had one of those life is good moments. it happened a bit like this...walking home from school listening to this song on the iPod, wearing a new dress for the first time (this is big for the girl who wore t-shirts and sweatshirts all last year), warm sun on my skin, breeze in my hair, i was feeling pretty cool i am not gonna lie...then it hits me...that moment when i think man, life is good.

i continued to walk and then i thought hey you "life is good" t-shirt peeps, try to put this on a t-shirt! try to capture this life is good moment complete with the song because the music part is a key element to the whole moment i experienced. later i realized no, these kind of little happenings cannot be captured on a t-shirt or in a photo. these moments are something personal and special, something only an individual them self can experience and remember.

my english teacher posted a prompt on the board this week. she hasn't mentioned it...it is just there. it says "make this week count. write a list of things that matter most in life." here is my list.

God, family, friends, "life is good" moments, love, happiness, finding your inner voice/being true to yourself, giving to others, loving what you do. i don't think my list is very complete, but i think it is a good start. it sure is something to keep in mind in the whole scheme of things.

on another note, i have many things in progress. more "opportunity" quilts on the way and my amy butler bed quilt hanging on the design wall.

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katie said...

i'm happy today was so wonderful for you. :) you dress looks really cute, btw.

[i found your blog through rachel's steadyhandfaultyheart class. i've been stalking it for a while now. and i'm totally jealous of how creative you are.]