Sunday, March 1, 2009


march?!?!?! already?!?!
this month's anthro catalog is absolutely delicious. the pictures are great and i want at least ten of the dresses in it! i also want one of those pretty white bicycles to ride around town in a pretty anthro dress with those pretty sweet sunglasses. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
this month i want to read a book. go to the movies. take a walk. take film pictures outside. take a photo walk. help a friend. send some mail. clean my room. listen to happy music. hang out with my friends. start journaling more. sit in a coffee shop for at least an hour and take in the sights. go sigh in front of all the dresses at anthro. and make some etsy updates.
happy march!

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Bella's rose blog said...

wow your really artistic!!!
you're inspiring me!!!
how do i become a follower?? LOL
i want to be one