Tuesday, March 31, 2009

spring break 09

I went out to eat with my two best girls from school last weekend. they are truly great friends.
I finished up a couple of hippos and sent them off today. I love sending packages...especially surprise ones. They make me happy.

Yes, it is my spring break and it is getting away from me...this stinky weather is slowing me down and my to do lists are going unchecked.

i have lots of AP chemistry to be working on, but haven't even looked at it yet. I feel like shopping even though it is really unnecessary.

I found this artist today whose work makes me really happy. Everything is sooo cute and I want it all! Check out her etsy shop!
So yeah, it's spring break and I'm rambling.


Pearl said...

whenever i geta surprise card from you, i melt. you seriously are so sweet. thank you.

Jess said...

that is so cute! love the colors!

Crazy Art Girl said...

The hippos are really too cute. I took Ap Chem too! That was sooooo long ago. I majored in chemical engineering before becoming a business major. Life changes. Now I am a teacher after being an industrial buyer for 9 years. Okay, TMI