Wednesday, March 25, 2009

state of the union address regarding my life

so right week...i feel good...really good. life is good and my friends are even better. i am seriously considering hosting a fried rice fiesta fling on Friday to kick off spring break 09 and want to plan a series of other parties for the rest of my break. black and white cookie party, Easter egg coloring party, ACT studying party minus the studying part. does that count? who cares? it's a party! let's see...i have yet to do anything crafty, but i have thought about being crafty. stirring up some ideas. i need some new "stuff".

i have also decided that prom is synonymous with stress and drama. my goodness! and they say high school never ends...well that's just great! (sarcasm right there)

i hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. i will be back with more interesting things on my agenda soon...i hope. at this rate there's bound to be something worthy of a blog post.

happy spring!!!! i have left my jacket at home this whole week and it's been verra vair nice!

loving this song and blasting it while shouting the words in an angry teen angst voice in my car then pulling a ventriloquist move when there is a car next to me so they can't see me singing.


Pearl said...

i love singing loudly in the car :)

danilouwho said...

you crack me up.
and my husband LOVES that song!!

Your parties sound fun, I've been thinking about wanting to throw a party as well. Mostly though, I just want to decorate for a party. hehe.

Kara said...

haha. i do the same thing with that song.

and i'm taking the ACT next Saturday and telling my best friend that we need to have a studying party.