Sunday, March 1, 2009

mega post?

Hello blog world! I have had a GREAT weekend! I went bowling with a bunch of friends on Friday night and it was a blast. I have also been pretty crafty too! I will be making some etsy updates soon so check back! I was also thinking that I would like to have a place like a coffee shop or a deli where I am a "regular". It goes like this...I walk in they say, "hello Kayla! would you like the usual?" and I would say, "hello Joe/Bob/etc. yes, the usual would be great." ahhh...sigh. that is one of my goals in life.

in other news, i am helping my mom teach a quiltlet class at the local quilt shop next month. we were busy making samples this weekend. she made the above one for me and i made this "perfect pair" one.

here is a page i made for kara's life story class! can you say fanny pack action?
i could not sleep this morning. i was up in bed at 6am and decided to start crafting. i cleaned my room a bit and listened to refreshing. i also finished up my art journal for this girl's class that I took in AUGUST!

i'm kinda disappointed that you can't see all of the pretty glitter in the picture. i took kara's advice an added mod podge and glitter to make me happy!

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Pearl said...

oh kayla, i just received your valentine's day card. thank you. it's absolutely adorable :) and how sweet of you to remember me on valentine's day!

you are really, so SO creative. i have never been able to quilt, and would looooove to be in one of your classes. i was the type of child whose mother always took over the creative/artsy side of projects - and i just gathered the facts.

i can't get over how cute of a baby you were! cute baby developed into a beautiful woman :)

have a fantastic day! and yes, i totally know what you mean about wanting to frequent a place so much that they know my name.