Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh high school

so one of my good guy friends wanted to ask this girl to prom so i helped him. we painted a kid's puzzle...he did all the writing. impressive, i know. then we undid it and threw it in an envelope and ditched it on her porch...the following movie is actually kinda funny i think and documents our adventure which was pretty epic on so many levels.

Prom? from kayla fujimoto on Vimeo.

our epic adventure to ask the voice sounds really high. it was lots of fun and she said yes an hour later once she figured out the puzzle.

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Pearl said...

oh Kayla that's SO creative! haha how PERFECT for you!

i've heard of another creative one where it was the girl who asked the guy; she went and bought a white, cotton t-shirt and a bunch of markers, both washable and permanent. on the front of the shirt, she wrote "Formal?" and then on the back, she wrote a lot of girls' names in washable marker. She wrote her own in permanent. And then she wrote "WASH ME" on the front, and after the guy threw it in the wash, he found out who asked him to formal! he said yes :)